City as Art: Writing the City

i have a long-term fascination for the ways that the city creates and restricts public space. i don’t mean the official “city” (any city); i mean the ongoing public negotiation of shared public space – but isnt everyone? where it gets good for me is when people start writing on, of public space itself, when it gets textual, it gets interesting

i am attracted to margins and comfortable there. like i said, fascinated. i’m a close reader and the city is a text written by many and available to all to read. i’ve read marx, baudelaire, benjamin, debord, and lefevbre and i know about psychogeography books by various french guys and i don’t care for ficton.

i’m thinking about how to sort the words and sets…..

“Rewriting the City” (short talk from 2017)


Re-reading the City (intentional and funded texts)


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