Stealing Home

Stealing Home was held at the Interurban Gallery  (1 East Hastings, Vancouver) in february 2012. Other documentation (and  work) lost, but i found the artist statement:

Side Effects (detail)

Stealing Home is perhaps best considered a visionary environment turned in on itself to create the outlines and intimations of a home. And this home is a transitory space, and it is a struggle to feel at ease within one. Scavenged doors and windows, pieces of houses exist on their own terms and in tension with each other. Glass and mirrors face each other, bearing images as though burned into them, suffused with natural and reflected light. Salvaged words link together, building new texts and whispered associations about the problem of home and homelessness, both inside and outside.

This home is dissolving, fading from view. Many people are here because it’s at the end of things, because this is Vancouver, the terminal city: the last city on the tips of the ocean, literally unsheltered from the storms. It is a city of rebels and runaways.

Stealing Home is also a house turned in on itself, an interior exterior space. This unsettled house is also constraining: these windows do not open, nor can some even be seen through. Some look back at you.

Limited Vision

What I hope to create is an experience of this strange home: intimate moments stolen from an all-too-real world, privacy in plain sight.



typing as though on a hammond, the
sparkedplug joints follow along, floating with
each click and stickier key. I find there’s no time
to speak of unfinished sentences, with the way
you move me, so much like water. bringing the noise
that we whisper, of quick hope undiminished. tell me
no stories of souls and smithys, and let’s find instead
a smiley-face balloon, all hot air and latex,
my misspent youth. can we call this working, dear,
and let it go? it is, in fact, a sharpie in my pocket
and i’m happy to see you: both things are true —
I needed both to write this poem.


no one like you has ever existed or will ever exist again (2016)

no one like you has ever existed or will ever exist again


august 4-5 2018. east of main, vancouver. best night i’ve had in weeks. quiet, dark, a bit cooler. it was the last night of vancouver’s celebration of explosions on english bay. i went in the opposite direction and it was as if the city was mine. or at least it would leave me alone for the night.

weaving a way through alleys and cubbies and unopen spaces, i felt the silence wrap itself around me like a pair of legs. my eyes adjusted to the darkness and i could suddenly perceive all the detail – no, all of it – streching back into time’s horizon.

for a moment it was as if the city and i understood each other. just for a moment. i turned into the next alley. and there it was, the whole length of the block: a complete wall of murals from 2007, one of those years i just don’t remember. the sun started to rise, but it was crying too.

very local media at the end of the drug wars