decriminalize yourself
decrim vs harm

Hows your drug war, Canada?


canadian drug war year in review:

what a horrible waste of humanity.


here is a PIE of that.

why why why why did you do this.


so these “prosecutions” were economic interventions in an unregulated market which besides depriving people of their liberty accelerated the contamination of the drug supply, an entirely predictable consequence

Thats what the law is for WOW THATS A LOT OF DEAD PEOPLE

Legalizing hard drugs not a ‘panacea’ to opioids crisis, Trudeau says

no one said it was. this is a political massacre and its your policy. one change wont end this.

this is Canada’s drug war and its become part of this place. its colonial violence. its racist to the core. this part of the marketplace is a specifically illegal capitalism and its used to scare people into obedient capitalism, stealing from the dispossessed. as you do.

you call it the law and pursue it.

here’s their 2018-19 annual report.

the annual budget of the PPSC is 219 million

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