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When they called in the morning and I realized it was precisely because I am unaffiliated, and am doing gig work while I try to sort things out, and pursue my assorted interests, and tie up a few loose ends. I could give an unvarnished opinion on the Treatment Strategies report, and nobody (else) would be punished, no organization would lose funding or a research contract. #HarmReduction is widely applicable.

And a lot of the report was encouraging. Then words started to jump out at me. The toneĀ  became ominous. Then–


So, I am against every drug user in my neighbourhood, including myself, being forcibly removed from society and sent to behaviour-modification camps. What if the camps were peer-run? Still against mandatory relocation to lord of the flies-land, even if there is free dope, yes.

CBC was doing ‘journalism’ by asking me to be on the program, since they were aware of what I outlined in my previous post. The people who were on the inside of this process were (with reason) unable to speak out, or were in favour of this, or were discouraged from reading it, or were manipulated into dependence, or think that by some magic, this won’t include them.

And I won’t discuss how “research suggests” that this might be a good idea, except to note how weak-ass that is, and how non-science is theĀ ‘science’ presented.

And there’s a drift, as you read the report closely. At the outset, “recovery” is a process. By page 20, abstinence means success.

I was hesitant at first to do the afternoon show – I wasn’t going to get into a performative debate about ‘personal experiences’ and I don’t do the “traumatized addict” routine. I talked to the show’s production assisting-journalist for ten minutes or so, and an hour later was heading to the studio. I reflected, inevitably, on how strange and fuckedup and amazing this last year has been, and how concerned and anxious I am about my own future.

Link to the BCCSU’s media release

Link to the report. It’s a PDF.

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