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This guide to starting an Overdose Prevention or Safer Consumption space was released August 31, 2017, and was produced collaborately by some of the people in B.C. and Ontario who learned from their start-up experiences. The intention was for it to be available to all — please share, read, and go for it.


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Fortress of Solitude (2017)

This Crysis Has Taken –   
Aug 2 2017

[…] That is the first thing was all have to try to figure out if we can go on, in a good way, and make it in any way possible to deal with this fucking world, as it is now, this dim, broken shell when everything and everyone we love is dead and all of us are dying. The arrogant asshole sun still bothers to rise, as if there was still a world. My pipe explodes in my hand. I can’t speak.

We have to do all of this, and do it in a good way. All of it is about healing, about justice, about fighting to build a world where we can all be together, in a good way. And be alive. I am angry. [….]

Thinking Through Silence

Living & dying during the end of the war on drugs in the context of the overdose crisis. I was a guest of Donald MacPherson, Executive Director of the Canadian Drug Policy Alliance, on Oct 10, 2017, when he was awarded the SFU Stirling Prize for Controversy.