Thanks to a grant from JUST KIDDING (as if I was capable of securing my future, as to attempt a task as forward-thinking as filling out a grant application. This links to an unfunded project. I’m not working because it’s awful when your livelihood depends on accepting / having to live with certain expressions of power. It is better to do without livelihood in order to regain personal agency, therefore

  • you can’t follow this project in the usual way. it is connected through multiple platforms, articles, and files.
  • that said, as this is by me, a lot of it will be posted via twitter
  • re: livelihood. i don’t agree with paying for content at all. therefore i have no money. a couple dollars is helpful.
  • same as above, ie. fighting for a future would be easier if i had one
  • of course i enjoy what i do as “work”, but look at this neighbourhood and the way things have been run these last years. Obviously continuing in the same manner will only lead to greater disaster. our politics have failed, fail better
  • there’s a lot in this story, and I’m not sure how to tell it, and I’m interested to see if there’s a way to articulate it digitally, because we need to make stories different too

So I found a 10-yr-old folder for a project that never really went anywhere, but i remembered instantly the whole direction of the larger work – which is what Chimeric Taxidermy in the Crystal Palace, or The Degradation of Wonder was intended to do. I think. Obviously I was high.

topics include: politics, history, art, love, housing, failure, drugs, freedom, risk.

karen’s vault